Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Toneout?

Notification when the dispatcher activates the paging tones for the requested agency. Sign up for toneout notifications if you want to be alerted as soon as possible when an agency is alerted. The call's recording will be available later.

What is First Page?

After all agencies are toned out, and the dispatcher's audio has been recorded - a first page event just occurred. Sign up for first page notifications if you want to be alerted when the dispatcher's audio is available.

What is a Repage?

When the same group of agencies are alerted multiple times within a few minutes of each other, a repage has just occurred.

Can you add my County?

Contact Toneouts support ( to learn about adding your area to the Toneouts website. In general, you'll need a Raspberry Pi, USB sound card, and a scanner/receiver tuned to your local dispatch channels.

Can I use your audio on my website or for my news broadcast?

You may use the audio downloads from this website so long as you credit as the source. Recommended wording is that you display or say "Audio provided by" along with the audio.

Can Toneouts replace my pager?

At this point, we'd not recommend using Toneouts as your only method of activation for your agency. So hang onto your pager for now, and consider Toneouts a secondary resource for notifications.

I have another question...

Shoot us an email at